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Amir Khan: The Anatomy of a Glass Jaw

Jess Matthew Beltran July 21, 2012 boxing, Pacquiao No Comments
Amir Khan: The Anatomy of a Glass Jaw

For years I have been following boxing, and when coaches or fighters say they found a solution on how to strengthen a glass chin, it’s more like saying they’ve found the fountain of youth, which is closed to impossible. Even with neck exercises or putting weights on your mouth to strengthen up your jaw, the truth is, there is no specific exercise or even a scientific way to make it strong… you just can’t train chin. It’s either you got it or not.

No matter how great you are or no matter how talented you are, one punch can really make a difference A good chin has something to do more with genetics, more than anything else. If there is really a cure for a glass jaw, then this would be the biggest solution to boxing’s mystery since the ancient Greeks started trading blows.

Amir Khan’s loss last Saturday was heartbreaking, but it wasn’t a surprise. Sooner or later his fragile chin will be the target of all his would-be opponents. Breidis Prescott discovered his vulnerability way back in 2008, but nobody capitalized on that one. When Amir went to 12 full rounds against the power punching Marcos Maidana, everybody thought he was ready for the big guns. However, he got a rude awakening when Danny Garcia, WBC’s light welterweight champion stole Khan’s thunder. Garcia was bruised and battered for the entirety of the fight until Danny landed a timed left hook that wobbled Khan’s legs onward to a fourth-round TKO win.

So you have to wonder, with Khan’s boxing prowess would this be an untimely end to his dominance?

Well let’s answer this one to boxing’s pound per pound King Manny Pacquiao. Manny’s first career setback came from the hands of fellow Filipino, Rustico Torrecampo. Manny recklessly went forward and was caught right in the mouth. Manny were unconscious for a number of seconds.
So with a supposed weak chin, Manny surprisingly went on to become world’s best and conquered many divisions throughout his journey. For one, Manny is an anomaly in boxing, but what makes him best is he tweaks his fighting style and emphasizes more on his defense.

So what Amir Khan lacks is the right solution to his problem, because it was never given any importance in the first place. He was still reckless at times putting his hands down while going forward. Lamont Brewster, the former heavy weight champion who surprisingly knocked Wladimir Klitschko way back in 2004, said that “It’s not about the chin, it’s about heart”… Maybe Lamont was right, maybe the heart speaks a lot of volume. But still it doesn’t solve the problem.
Amir Khan needs to practice his defense; he needs to stop being exciting.

There is still no concrete solution for a glass jaw…is it the heart? Or is it how you bounced back? I think it’s all about putting your hands up. That’s the only logical thing to do, if you are protecting a fragile chin.

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    jess 1 Amir Khan: The Anatomy of a Glass Jaw

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    jess 1 Amir Khan: The Anatomy of a Glass Jaw


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    jess 1 Amir Khan: The Anatomy of a Glass Jaw

    jess 1 Amir Khan: The Anatomy of a Glass Jaw

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