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David Haye’s Effort

Jess Matthew Beltran July 3, 2011 boxing 1 Comment

David Haye failed to unify all the heavy weight titles when Wladimir Klitschko dominated him in a lack luster fight in Hamburg Germany. It was his last ditched of effort on his career… one last fight to be the undisputed heavy weight champion, one fight that could very well save the heavy weight division.

It was one opportunity for Haye but somewhere down the line he stopped engaging, letting Klitscho pile up points along the way.

David had a perfect script, after achieving the undisputed cruiserweight champion, he wants to unify all the belts in the heavy weight division then retire. He got his WBA heavy weight title after defeating the freakish seven-foot-two Nikolai Valuev, and then defended it twice against John Ruiz and Audley Harrison. However, to unify the belts, he would have to go through the top of the food chain which is the Klitschko brothers.

Prior to the fight, David never dared to shake Wladimir’s hands. For him, it’s a sign of weakness. It’s not the way he was brought up in the school of hard knocks, way back while he started lacing gloves in the old school boxing club of Fitzroy Lodge. He could have stayed in the cruiserweight division and retire as an undisputed champion. However, he felt he could have done something to make the heavyweight division back into its golden days— back into the limelight.

Last Saturday was the culmination of all his talked. All the pre fight hoopla. This was supposed to be the most anticipated heavy weight boxing match for years. However, it failed to live up to its expectations.

The heavy weight division is back to normal once again—back into its boring state. The Klitschko’s once again ruled the division. And as David Haye finally shook Wladimir’s hands it was a sign that he might finally retire.

David Haye fought and failed to deliver. For once it was a fight that got everybody’s attention. And for such a long time the heavy weight division shook up. A former cruiserweight went up to challenge the heavyweight greats…

Nobody thinks he could do it but for such a long time at least one man tried.

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    jess 1 David Hayes Effort


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    jess 1 David Hayes Effort

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