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Make Winning NBA bets by Betting on the Rested Team

Make Winning NBA bets by Betting on the Rested Team

As the NBA season is wearing on and teams are in the midst of long road trips, a good betting strategy is developing. The teams that have the most amount of time to rest and recuperate have the best possibility to win against teams that haven’t had the amount of resting time that they need.

Rest is the needed edge that a team needs to outplay the opponent especially when they are at home.

It has long been understood by the betting public that well rested teams perform better then unrested teams. This is especially true when the rested team is playing at home against a team that has been on the road for an extended series of games and even more so if they have played back to back games.

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This trend seems to work out even better as the season enters into the last few weeks, just before the playoffs as the long season and number of games has taken its toll.

This year is no exception as most all of the teams, with the exception of Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs who have done quite well on the road. To take advantage of the road loses, add the mix of long road trips against well-rested teams and you are sure to come up with a profitable betting edge that will put money in your pocket for the rest of the season. This little betting angle works best when you couple the bet with mismatched teams as well.

No team in the NBA has a lopsided ATS record except for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Minnesota Timberwolves, both who are overwhelming losers on the road. You can integrate this statistic into your betting strategy as well when making you betting selections. Having a solid statistical basis for making your bets is essential to your success.

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