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Mosley-Mayweather don’t put your hopes high

Imagine winning a lottery and at the tip of your emotion someone announce that the draw was a mistake and needs to be investigated and then you realized it’s not only you but a number of people got the same lotto number and then the hype died down.
I had the same feeling when the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is on negotiation. It was surreal to see two pound per pound all time great fighters slugging it out not only for money but recognition as the best of the best in boxing. The first part of the negotiations started relatively easy with issues such as glove size, place and weight surprisingly agreed by both parties but when it was time to sign the contract Mayweather unknowingly put the random blood testing issue and everything went downhill and the fight we always dreamed of seeing turned out to be just a product of our imagination. Who are we kidding when Floyd is a known ducker in boxing history if he was really sincere about blood testing that would have been his agenda long before negotiations started ironically Floyd is dropping the mega fight because of allegations of PEDS and Steroids and is now groomed to fight Shane Mosley who admitted using steroids and EPO on his fight with Oscar De La Hoya. A fight with Shane Mosley would be great matchup in terms of speed and power and it is no secret that Floyd has been evading Shane for years in fact he was evading every fighter that is a threat to his immaculate record. Antonio Margarito, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Joshua Clottey, Manny Pacquiao and even Kermit Cintron, Floyd has found a way to duck each and every one of them. But when Manny choose to fight Joshua Clottey, Floyd was push around the corner and have no other choice but to fight Mosley. The people won’t allow such mismatches against Matthew Hatton, smaller guys like Paulie Malignaggi and Nate Campbell pass through. From what I see it’s either fight Mosley or Paul Williams and among the two the 39 year old Mosley is most likely to be Floyd’s dancing partner.
Both fighters are promoted by GBP and so negotiations would be relatively easy but I don’t want to put my hopes up high unless both parties signed the dotted line in the contract. Questions are starting to surface about their May 1 fight. Will Mayweather demand the same blood testing against Mosley? And if Floyd is really keen on fighting Mosley why is it still on negotiation? It only took Bob Arum to make the Pacquiao-Clottey fight in just fifteen minutes with both fighters fighting on the same promotion. The fans are put on the same situation again the hype is starting to snowball but for me I am now careful this time. We could only speculate if Floyd will fight Shane or will he go to the other direction and call upon Malignaggi or Matthew Hatton. Let’s cross the bridge when we get there but the road seems murky and dark. If both Mayweather and Mosley sign the contract then that’s the time I and millions of boxing fans are winning.
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Jess Matthew Beltran

Jess has contributed a thousand plus articles to various international and local sports sites. He is still finishing up an e-book which talks about basketball and life. Message him at [email protected]

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Jess has contributed a thousand plus articles to various international and local sports sites. He is still finishing up an e-book which talks about basketball and life. Message him at [email protected]

Alex says:

It could be more entertaining compare to pacquiao-clottey fight coz this both fighters seem to be so eager to win the fight and go after with pacquiao match which have a big possibilities of money making fight.

The much awaited fight of the year,mayweather vs mosley. If mosley will overcome floyd mayweather in this fight, he is eager to fight manny pacman pacquaio. But for now, he must train well in order to defeat mayweather. So, I will watch out for this fight and hopefully, the best fighter will win in this match.

hingedman says:

nice insights Jose a Cintron-Mayweather fight would be very interesting but i just dont see that happening since it would be a marketing nightmare considering that Cintron doesn’t have the fan base like Mosley or Williams.. but it’s a good matchup though..

Jose C says:

Mayweather’s best option right now is Kermit Cintron. He can silence his critics who say he always avoids bigger, stronger fighters and at the same time position himself for the mega fight that needs to happen against PacMan! Cintron is actually the perfect opponent. He is a former world champion with a most impressive resume but someone Floyd should be able to give a boxing clinic to. Yes, Cintron comes with big power but you can’t hurt what you can’t hit. Floyd can dance and outbox the bigger, stronger Cintron and should win impressively. One he does that, and silences the critics temporarily, he can then focus on PacMan or whoever he chooses next. I’m certain that Cintron is ready and willing having seen both he and his promoter Lou DiBella express so. Floyd will not fight Williams and quite honestly I don’t feel Mosely is the “right” opponent for him now. Make it happen. Cintron vs. Mayweather!