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My top pound per pound rating in Billiards..

I thought of tweaking my top Greatest Billiard players into a mold of pound per pound greats. Though there are no inkling similarities between the two sports but nonetheless they both given fans exciting and mouth watering matches.

7. Mikka immonem– A former world champion in Billiards has a distinct approached in his shots. He is aggressive but at times tricky he is a good counter puncher but sometimes his aggressiveness could result to loosing more rounds.

6. Earl “The Pearl” Strickland– The typical trash talking player who could ruin anybody’s day Earl has a behavior of a 12 year old kid. Who lets his emotions get to him his accomplishments over the past 25 years in Billiards make him a future hall of famer… He has the skills of a Floyd Mayweather with a mouth like a Bernard Hopkins.

5. Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer– A two time nine-ball champion has won 60 professional tournaments throughout his career. Archer has a cool demeanor and has a killer instinct in close matches. He is the typical boxer in billiards though his recent outing wasn’t a good one.

4. Francisco “Django” Bustamante – He is similar to Boom boom Mancini or an Edwin Valero in the present. Django can hit the billiard balls with power. He is one of the greatest Filipino player to play the game. Valero had a 100 percent KO rate and has tied the record of 18 KO’s in the first round while Django holds the world record for the most powerful break shot at 43 miles per hour. Bustamante’s strength is his power he has won numerous tournaments in his career but his 2002 ordeal in the World Pool championships was a devastating one. His daughter died and had to carry his emotions going to the finals against 2-time winner of the tournament Earl Strickland. Though Bustamante failed to win against Earl but his stroke of luck began carrying him to the series of tournaments that followed.

3. Alex Pagulayan– Born and raised in the Philippines until Alex turned 13 where his family immigrated to Canada, Alex grew up in a pool hall managed by his father and started his love for the sport. A very skilled player who could even pocket five balls in one break he won the recent World Pool Masters in Las Vegas although Alex is a likeable pool player but he is mistakenly labeled as a sour loser. His skill is tremendous and with years ahead Alex future is still shining bright. He is more like Juan Diaz who could throw five or 6 combinations and at only 28 Alex Pagulayan still has more matches ahead.

2. Ralph Souquet – One of the greatest European pool master in the world Ralph have fought Many battles in his colorful career with his latest 2008 world 8 ball championship.
Ralph is the Joe Calzaghe in billiards a future hall of famer with a charismatic attitude.

1. Efren “Bata” Reyes – The so called magician. He made the most impossible shots and has given him recognition as one of the greatest player in billiards. His faced off with Earl Strickland could be one of the greatest matchup in billiards their 3 day race to 120 challenge match in 9-ball was the largest single-winning purse in a pool event which Reyes won 120-117. Reyes won most of the money-rich tourneys worldwide and his success made him the Philippines Sports Ambassador in 2005 South East Asian games.
He had commercials and movies but Efren’s undoubting charisma made him more loveable and could easily be compared to Oscar De La Hoya with Manny Pacquiao like humble attitude. Efren is still actively playing but his age is slowly catching up on him. He doesn’t need to worry about legacy since it’s already been etched down.

So here you go folks my 2008 pound per pound ratings in billiards.

Show me the Money.. Earl the Pearl Strickland

Jess Matthew Beltran

Jess has contributed a thousand plus articles to various international and local sports sites. He is still finishing up an e-book which talks about basketball and life. Message him at [email protected]

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Jess has contributed a thousand plus articles to various international and local sports sites. He is still finishing up an e-book which talks about basketball and life. Message him at [email protected]

Efren Reyes is a pure genius. Watching him play is a pure pleasure and seeing him keep his cool in losing situations only to come back and take the crown is magnificant.

hingedman says:

“Pound for pound. Sounds like boxing”

Yup, since most of my readers are boxing and basketball enthusiast i made a ranking in billiards with a twist. I made this all up so that it may sound interesting. 🙂
thanks for reading!

Pound for pound. Sounds like boxing

hingedman says:

Thanks John! 🙂

japan says:

nice write up… for a change… hehehe