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On Athletes losing Weight: Advantage or Disadvantage?

Jess Matthew Beltran July 3, 2012 Basketball, boxing, MMA, NBA, Pacquiao, sports No Comments
On Athletes losing Weight: Advantage or Disadvantage?

They say that losing body weight enhances your performance; however, it gives only a vague description and a more complicated food of thought.
Athletes believe that by losing a huge amount of weight attributes to their good performance. Brandon Vera, who campaigns in the heavy weight division in Mixed Martial Arts, was successful for the early part of his career (8-0 record). However, after losing two consecutive times, he went down to the light heavy weight division, hoping to get a shot on the championship belt. Vera came out unsuccessful equaling his win-loss record at 4-4.
So before hitting on the gym or enrolling on home exercise programs, it is better to re-evaluate yourself first before going into rigid dieting and training.

If you are an athlete and has 14% body fat, losing weight might not be a good idea. Coaches and players need to understand that limiting weights can cause loss of muscle mass, eating disorder, bone loss and increase the risk of injuries. There should be a balance diet and proper training monitoring for every athlete.
Looking on standard weight measurements is not a good gauge on the athlete’s weight. You may be big but lean (muscle mass weighs more than fat mass).
Manny Pacquiao, boxing’s pound per pound king, started at the minimum weight division at 106 pounds. His rise in weight and popularity can be attributed to Plyometrics, careful weight monitoring and experience. On Pacquiao’s side, he had to add muscle mass in order to get into his desired weight division.

So therefore, athletes’ weight correlates to the sport he or she is into. Naturally, a track and field runner has less body-fat percentage; however, it doesn’t necessarily follow to MMA fighters, boxers and basketball players. One factor to consider on athlete’s weight is their broad shoulders, bone density and genetic factors. Just like Pacquiao’s 18-inch wrist and the knockout power that has brought down bigger opponents that comes from his bulging calf muscles. A power forward will have to maintain a bigger frame in order to bang bigger bodies in the basketball court. That is why he needs to lower down body fat and get more muscle mass in return.

Losing weight could or could not enhance your performance. However, it should not be a basis or a benchmark to success.

Hard work and determination still wins the equation.

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    jess 1 On Athletes losing Weight: Advantage or Disadvantage?

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    jess 1 On Athletes losing Weight: Advantage or Disadvantage?


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    jess 1 On Athletes losing Weight: Advantage or Disadvantage?

    jess 1 On Athletes losing Weight: Advantage or Disadvantage?

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