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Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao… my personal take..

The battle has been set and the blood stained battle ground is ready and Michael Buffer holding the microphone with crowd so thick the air was covered with the smell of pop corn and sweat… Michael introduce the two keyed up combatants and shouted “Lets get ready to rumble!!!” and the crowd shouted and the world for a moment stop as everybody witness Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya battled it out for 12 grueling rounds…
Round 1:
Manny Pacquiao went to work trying to find his way along Oscar’s long reach… Manny frustrated Oscar as Oscar tried to slug it out with Manny. Haymakers come from different angles but Manny wisely used his speed to get away with Oscar’s power bombs.
Round 2:
Oscar went to his ever reliable jab and Manny was hit a couple of times as Manny tried to go inside. Oscar finally had a neutralizing arsenal for Manny’s aggression. Oscar connected a right straight on Manny’s head but Manny retaliated with a barrage of punches.
Round 3:
Manny was on fire as he slugs it out with Oscar and Oscar connected with a right uppercut which staggered Manny. Oscar went for the kill but was futile as Manny went on to the defensive trying to find his second wind.
Round 4:
Oscar chases Manny but Manny wisely evaded Oscar’s haymakers. Manny went side to side taking his time and Oscar connected again a right straight which made Manny lose his balance. Manny went down on the canvas but it was ruled a slip by the referee.
Round 5:
Manny tried to find a way to neutralize Oscar’s jab but Manny again got hit with a left-right hook combination. Blood oozes profusely from Manny’s nose which momentarily stops the fight the fight resumed after the doctor cleared Manny. Seeing his own blood Manny slugs it out with Oscar directly and this time Pacquiao was successful as he caught Oscar with a good left straight on Oscar’s Jaw. Oscar’s legs wobbled but was save by the bell.
Round 6
Manny got his second wind and continues to press Oscar. Oscar was already breathing in his mouth. As Oscar ducked Manny’s Left hook Pacquiao opened up a gash on Oscar’s head with a right uppercut. Blood was all over the ring and the crowd shouted louder than ever peppered with applause as banners and posters thrown to the air.
Round 7
Oscar caught Manny with a good left and Manny went down. This time the referee ruled it a knock down. Manny immediately went up and the fight resumed. Oscar breathing heavily went for the kill with haymakers. Manny was on the defensive end survives the round.
Round 8
Oscar again tried to take down Manny but Manny fought Oscar with barraged of power punches. Oscar got hit right on the jaw and Manny followed up with a left hook to the liver. Oscar went down on his knees and the referee started to count. The crowd went crazy as Oscar barely beating the mandatory count.
Round 9
It’s an even steven as both pugilists tried to survive the round. Oscar got hit again on the right side of the body and the referee stop the fight as he went to the ring physician to see Oscar’s gash and Manny’s blooded nose… blood was all over the shorts of both fighters. The doctor cleared both fighters and the fight resumed.
Round 10
Oscar is clearly spent and his hands were lower and are breathing heavily on his mouth. Pacquiao was the same fighter in round 1 still fresh but bloodied. Pacquiao was now clearly the aggressor. Oscar tried to find his way out with Manny’s barrage of punches but a big left to the liver again send Oscar to the canvass for the second time. The referee counted Oscar but was too weak to make the count.

Manny was ecstatic as the crowd applauded him. Manny hug Oscar and thanked him for the opportunity… The crowd cheered the two warriors and was clearly the fight of the year… without a doubt.

Can we still be friends?

Jess Matthew Beltran

Jess has contributed a thousand plus articles to various international and local sports sites. He is still finishing up an e-book which talks about basketball and life. Message him at [email protected]

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Jess has contributed a thousand plus articles to various international and local sports sites. He is still finishing up an e-book which talks about basketball and life. Message him at [email protected]

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