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Randy Couture-James Toney UFC 118: Natural or Lights out

Jess Matthew Beltran August 26, 2010 MMA, sports, Uncategorized 1 Comment

As you walk outside West Sunset in Las Vegas you could hear the banging sound like you are in a firing range in Xtreme Couture’s gym.
Randy Couture was hitting the mitts with such force that it was impossible for anyone not to notice. The 47 year old fighter with a receding hairline looks half his age as he continues to work on those punches and leg kicks throughout his workout. He is preparing on the same war but a different battle this time. UFC 118 will feature Randy Couture against former world boxing champion James Toney.

Toney never respected Couture throughout their pre fight hype, he never considered him a legend because of his 10 losses but Randy never went into a war of words against Toney. He is confident in his training and when the time comes he will do all the talking in the octagon. He heard about how Toney man-handled his sparring partners hitting them with strong body shots and having trouble maintaining them. Randy already has the perfect strategy for boxers such as Toney… Never stand around and trade punches with them…
Couture knew Toney’s weakness is covering leg kicks, grappling as well as ground skills but he can never be reckless when he comes in because Toney has more than a punchers chance against Randy.
Couture sometimes got into trouble fighting hard punchers such as Chuck Lidell and Brock Lesnar and his chin is always susceptible to Toney’s hooks and uppercuts.
When everyone doubted if Couture can take a bigger and heavy handed Tim Sylvia in UFC 68, Randy dominated Sylvia onward to a unanimous decision. Randy is not known for his strikes or his knockout power he was always known for his good defense in standing up.

Randy’s punches and strikes have been done with conviction. Boxing or MMA everything comes down to conditioning and James is fighting in an unfamiliar territory. Win or lose Randy feels he still can fight two or more in the octagon. Age is just a number and a bend in the road doesn’t necessarily means it’s the end of the road… This Saturday the MMA world will find out who is the “Natural” winner or the fighter who got the end of the beating “Lights out”.

jess 1 Randy Couture James Toney UFC 118: Natural or Lights out

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jess 1 Randy Couture James Toney UFC 118: Natural or Lights out


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jess 1 Randy Couture James Toney UFC 118: Natural or Lights out

jess 1 Randy Couture James Toney UFC 118: Natural or Lights out

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